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Stressed out?
by Jimmy Glenos - Thursday, March 30, 2017, 9:30 AM

Hey, we all get a little stressed now and again. The important thing to remember is to not let it take control of your well-being. Learn to identify stressful situations and how to overcome them in just a few seconds.
We recently had speaker, Sophie Skover, on campus to talk about stress and the evil ways it sneaks into our lives. Here is an audio clip from the class.

And here is the link to the entire course.

Required Course: Corporate Compliance
by Jimmy Glenos - Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 1:43 PM

As you know, Corporate Compliance is an important part of maintaining a 5-Star, Gold Seal organization. It is also required by the federal government that every employee be trained on this material every single year.
Please click here to get your certificate for Corporate Compliance.

Plan for Future Success Today
by Jimmy Glenos - Thursday, December 20, 2012, 2:15 PM
We all know that things change all the time, and change can cause pain. But not having the right people in the right seats ready to move to the fore is a dangerous way to live. In the Succession Planning e-course we explore the differences between replacement hiring and succession planning and provide a detailed action plan to ensure that your department/organization is prepared for the inevitable…resignation, retirement, or termination. Here is an audio clip to give you a sense of what this course is all about.

Available courses

Hurricane preparedness in the nursing home.
Learn the effects of domestic violence and the warning signs of an abusive relationship.
This course will teach you about HIV and how it causes disease and the relationship between HIV and AIDS. You will also learn the advantages of early detection and treatment.
Learn to recognize potential errors and to act in advance to prevent those errors.
Understand the practical application of Residents' Rights and the consequences of not upholding them.
Learn the causes and signs of dysphagia as well as feeding techniques to promote normal swallowing in those with dysphagia.

This course will teach you about the importance of nutrition and hydration in older adults. You will also learn how to identify and prevent dehydration and malnutrition.

This course will teach you about pressure ulcers and how to identify, treat and prevent them.

Pressure ulcers are areas of damaged skin and tissue that develop when sustained pressure cuts off circulation to vulnerable parts of the body.

This course will describe how cognitive impairment interferes with communication and teach you how to communicate with cognitively impaired residents.
Learn the classification, causes, symptoms and pathophysiology of congestive heart failure.
Learn the myths about pain, pain assessment tools, how to detect if someone has pain, and what surveyors are looking for and why.
In this course you will learn the different types of medical errors and the magnitude of such errors. You will also learn of factors that increase the risk of medical errors and populations of special vulnerability.
Provides a feasible approach for depression screening in older adult home care patients.
Learn accurate assessment of the OASIS-C process items and learn to develop a Plan of Care that is consistent to OASIS assessments.
Learn to identify and prevent home-related fall hazards for patients. Identify medical conditions that contribute to safety risks and behavioral changes related to those risks.
Clinical Pathways for Quality Outcome - Teaching Guides (pdfs)
Tips and techniques to help you write more clearly, concisely and persuasively.
Learn how to reinforce behavioral strengths and discourage unproductive behaviors. This class is designed for anyone who supervises at any level.
Learn the importance of delegation and how it can improve productivity and performance.
Learn to build better relationships with your staff and make better assessments that will lead to improved performances.

Learn best practices in how to prepare for, facilitate, and control business meetings.

This course is designed for all managers and above that supervise at least one direct report.

This course guides you in following the right procedures of the disciplinary process.
Tips and techniques to help you communicate more effectively.

Learn 10 techniques for getting the most out of your day. Learn to be more productive and start focusing on the most important tasks, projects and goals.

Understand the language of fund-raising and philanthropy, discover the best way to cultivate relationships and learn how to implement a successful marketing plan.
Enhance the effectiveness of your communications, make the best use of your time, improve results when making decisions and increase market share and customer satisfaction.
Explore how indifference can undermine leadership, compare ancients and contemporary sources of inspiration and identify new, creative and personal ways to make a difference.
Course introduces new staff to the staffing roles and lines of service of MorseLife and how MorseLife cares for senior citizens on and off campus.