This program is designed to engage high potential employees into the core beliefs and behaviors of great leadership. Recognize that membership is an honor and a privilege. Once enrolled, you are a student in this professional development program and will lead the way for others, as we continue to build stronger, smarter leaders throughout the organization.

The Heart of a Leader

Be a leader whose intention is to look out for the best interest of others

  1. Define your intention as a leader

  2. Align your intention with the best interest of your team and MorseLife

  3. Build trust and respect with those you lead

  4. Understand your DISC style and learn to appreciate others’ DISC styles

  5. Learn the basic principles of Situational Leadership

The Mind of a Leader

Be a leader who is emotionally resilient and has strong business acumen

  1. Understand the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) and resilience in the workplace

  2. Make changes that will alleviate stress for you and your team

  3. Articulate the meaning of financial statements and understand business flow

The Ears of a Leader

Be a leader who takes time to truly listen to others

  1. Understand the importance and results of active listening

  2. Learn to listen more and be a relationship-centric leader

  3. Practice Clarifying and Confirming listening skills

  4. Practice the art of Diagnosis in the SLII model

The Voice of a Leader

Be a leader who communicates a message that resonates

  1. Practice business writing and effective speaking methods

  2. Learn how DISC styles influence behavior and communication

  3. Demonstrate effective conflict resolution techniques

The Hands of a Leader

Be a leader who provides direction and support

  1. Learn and practice Flexibility in the SLII model

  2. Overcome the obstacles of delegation

  3. Demonstrate different methods to appreciate and recognize others

  4. Learn and practice Partnering for Performance in the SLII model

The Spine of a Leader

Be a leader who is courageous in tough times

  1. Recognize the importance of managerial courage when faced with opposition, challenges, and obstacles

  2. Prepare for and effectively conduct Fierce Conversations

  3. Demonstrate both Affirming and Adjusting Feedback

The Feet of a Leader

Be a leader who walks the talk

  1. Demonstrate the ability to take personal accountability (SOSD)

  2. Recruit, recognize, and retain the best

  3. Create accountability in the team

The Eyes of a Leader

Be a leader who has a vision for the future

  1. Perform a PEST and a SWOT analysis

  2. Prepare for Strategic Planning

  3. Differentiate between Competitive Advantage and Transient Advantage

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